What is Financial COACHING?

I do financial coaching mainly, which is the same as life coaching but with your financial goals in mind.

We can sit and talk about where you are financially and where you would like to be, realistically, and help to consider plans and actions to help you reach those financial goals.

I ask a series of questions designed to pull out your own thoughts about your financial goals and what you can do to achieve them. Coaching helps you to focus and I do accountable coaching which means that you will agree to certain tasks that you decided are needed and report back to me when those tasks have been completed. This really help you to stay on track.

I don’t offer products or services so much as help you discover what you really want to achieve. I may suggest certain tools which might help you stay on track as you journey toward your goals but I don’t offer products or services from any companies. If you are interested in a certain product or service from another company, I can help you do the research to decide if that course of action is the correct one for you.